Delivery Services

We offer delivery of your prescription medication as well as delivery of your medical supplies. Areas include Tamarac, Sunrise, Lauderhill, Plantation, Fort Lauderdale , Margate, Coral Springs,Oakland Park, Pompano, and Coconut Creek.

Repair Services

At Arthur’s we can do your repairs by qualified technicians who will give you an honest opinion on whether your item can be repaired or not. Our qualified staff will be able to evaluate your manual wheelchair, transport wheelchair, 3 wheeled, 4 wheeled rollator. In addition we can order most parts for your items. We also repair pride left chairs.
Please call us with your serial and model number to identify your exact chair.

Rental Services

Arthur’s offers rentals on many items such as wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, wide wheelchairs, knee scooters, walkers and Rollators. We explain exactly how to use each item to the patient. Items are in good condition. They are rented by the month.

Please call for current availability.

Medical Supplies

We do most repairs on wheelchairs, transport chairs, senior walkers and Pride lift chairs. Please bring in your wheelchair or walker for an estimate. We offer high
quality medical products for you at great prices.

We Offer Solutions to Problem

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In every medical practice

there are a few patients who have not responded to traditional treatment or have a unique need or medical circumstance. These patients can be helped! We work together with patients and practitioners to provide the best solution for each medical problem.
Compounding allows a practitioner to prescribe and a pharmacist to prepare a customized medication or to place an available medication in a different dosage form to meet a specific patient need and improve compliance.


in prescribing – such as changing the dosage strength or the route of administration – is one of the many benefits available with compounded medications. Medications can often be prepared in a different dosage form and the concentration or flavor changed to make it more convenient to administer. Unique containers and delivery systems also provide many other options for medication administration.

Unavailable Medications can be compounded by our pharmacists using pharmaceutical- grade chemicals and specialized equipment, into a formulation best suited to each patient’s specific needs.
Hospice, Pain Management, Geriatric and Pediatric patients often have unique needs, and we can provide specific solutions for their medication problems.
Optimal Dose to achieve desired therapeutic goals, eliminating unnecessary waste & expense.
Change in Dosage Form for example a patient unable to swallow may prefer a lozenge, lollipop, transdermal preparation, suppository, etc.
Alternative Route of Administration to decrease incidence of side effects (i.e GI Upset) or avoid “first-pass” liver metabolism.
Elimination of Sugar, Dyes, Flavors, preservations, lactose, and other excipients which are not tolerated or may cause an allergic reaction.
Combination of Multiple Medications into a single preparation (stability permitting) for more convenient use and compliance.


Not only can we prepare common dosage forms solutions, suspensions, suppositories, and creams our pharmacists can compound transdermal gels, powder, otic insufflation, oral rinses, freezer pops, nasal sprays, lip balms, inhalations, and more to meet your patients special needs.


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