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Custom Orthotic Arch Supports

We manufacture and fabricate our custom molded orthotics in house, in our ON SITE laboratory! At Sole-lutions we make accomodative, semi-rigid, and rigid orthotics from over 40 different types of materials. You can say we do it "old school" which is a bit of a lost, functional, art form these days. Most orthotics are made by computers. Our Orthotist / Pedorthist says as soon as a computer comes out that can duplicate the hand made quality of our orthotics, we will be the first to switchh over! Until then we choose to provide nothing but the best. Once we have made your orthotics, you can get duplicate pairs at around half price, for up to 5 years. We will privide you with the casts we create after you have received your custom orthotics. You can bring those casts back to us for susequent pairs. For further inquiries please contact us at Sole-lutions at 954-447-4400.

Shoe fitting and assessment

Sole-lutions Footwear is a retail store that specializes in fitting your feet with the proper TYPE of footwear based on your biomecanics and your daily needs. We don't just hand you shoes! We actually measure BOTH of your feet (one is usually slightly longer than the other in size), check your ARCH LENGTH, and look for a neutral arch, high arch, flat foot, or pronated ankles. If you've been experiencing BACK PAIN, HEEL PAIN, BALL OF FOOT PAIN, KNEE PAIN, etc., we can match the proper sneakers, shoes, sandals, and arch supports to help alleviate your pain. We are not just a shoes store, we are here for your foot Sole-lutions!

Over the counter Arch supports and foot care products

We have the largest selection of arch supports and foot care products in broward county. And we know how to create the perfect match for your feet. If you are familiar with BRAND NAMES, we carry Spenco, Powerstep, Sofsole, New Balance, Down Unders, Rickens, Superfeet, Pedefix, Tacco, Tulis, Pedaq, and the list goes on. Products range from sports and full length arch supports, 3/4 length dress supports, and products for bunions, hammertoes, metatarsalgia, mortons neroma, heel spurs, plantar facittis, hammer and claw toes, and achilles tendon relief.

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